Optional extras

Bikes & Paddle-boards, BBQ & Furniture, Wi-fi & More

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Outdoor Recreation

Mountain bikes, e-bikes & stand-up paddle-boards

Add memories of a lifetime, cycling through epic New Zealand scenery, and paddle boarding along our breathtaking coastlines & harbours.

Our bikes range from doing all the work for you, doing some of the work for you, or get a workout in and pedal under your own steam!

Or paddle away on our inflatable paddle boards.

All our vehicles come with a purpose-built bike rack, making the unloading and loading of your bikes simple (should you choose to hire them), and locks and helmets.


Furniture, electronics & more…  

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Venture RV has a full range of optional extras to enhance your journey...

We offer navigation GPS units, motorhome Wifi, winter chains so you can access most roads even in winter and to enjoy the beautiful scenery when parked up we have outdoor furniture that easily folds away.

This list of available add-ons will appear after you make your initial motorhome date selection, just click anything on the list to add to your package!